Thursday, 9 September 2010

A crafty idea, a gift and the stash.......

I have moved onto the external doors of the Emporium and while browsing in Hobbyland I saw these skeleton leaves and I thought these might add a lovely texture to the very basic doors of the shop.
And here they are..... I love the colours and the spiny texture. I have simply stuck them on with a good coat of PVA over an undercoat of grey and I will be painting them to match the Emporium. 
 I am not sure if I will be able to keep all the shapes and texture once I paint them but I will definitely use this idea again perhaps on interior walls. I bought a large pack for £6.99 and these will certainly cover all four doors with some to spare so a smallish room should work out quite reasonable

A few weeks ago I saw these wonderful newspapers on a Blog and knew they had to have a place in my Potter world. I contacted Lorraine of DFLY Minis and asked her to make me some. This kind and generous lady made a package up and has sent them as a gift. How marvellous is that! Thank you so much Lorraine they are simply perfect I can't wait to find the perfect place for them.
I also received this wonderful piece in the post this morning. It is my first item for The Leaky Cauldron.
It will have pride of place in the upstairs guest room where perhaps Harry once slept. 
It is really beautifully made and I loved the rich colours. It will be strange working with colour again after the Emporium! It is hand made by Leslie of bookweight which is his Ebay shop but he also has an Etsy site Wightcrafts
I will certainly try to find a couple of his pieces to go with the bed for the bedroom as they are so beautifully made.
Plus this interesting piece arrived from the very eclectic Jenny Kelm. I will probably change the hat for one of Debie's or Kat's and add a couple of broomsticks in the handy holes. A good buy though.
Off to Cardiff tomorrow to look at the uni with my youngest son. Can't believe my baby will be leaving this time next year! Where do the years go?


  1. What wonderful goodies you found. Lorraine at Dfly makes awesome miniatures and the bed is beautiful. Your doors came out great! Thank you for sharing :).

    Victoria ♥

  2. Beautiful miniatures! But I just love the doors! They look absolutely fantastic!:)

  3. Love the printies, and the bed is really beautifully dressed. Brilliant idea for the doors. Can't wait to see what they look like when painted, but I actually like the colour mix as they are.
    Good luck with the trip to Cardiff tomorrow. Our Ben is off to Aber Uni on the 24th.

  4. What a cool idea Janice! Such pretty colours! Lola has a bed from Leslie its fab and so well made. What a cute little hat holder, will look cool with brooms in it! I so want those papers too! Kate xx

  5. Those doors are wonderful, what a brilliant idea, they are so pretty.

    Also love your bed and broom/hat holder :0)

    Julia @ bearcabinminiatures xxxxx

  6. My Daily Prophet newspapers arrived yesterday! Aren't they amazing! I have a special folded one for Prof. McGonagall! Lorraine is so kind.

    Fab new mini's too! I can't keep up with you! :o)

    Michelle xxx


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