Friday, 3 April 2015

It's Been Raining Lollipops Today.......

After a morning of digging with my youngest son in our very muddy garden I decided it was time to lock myself away in the workshop for a session of sweet making.
I want to have lots of sweeties on display in the dormer windows but because of the angle of the roof the shelf space is very narrow at the bottom of each window.
I think I will fill a couple of the windows with lollipops as they will give height without too much depth. So I got out the clay and started with some very basic round lollipops in a variety of sizes. As you can see from my desk I have used quite a few colours but they will be used all round Honeydukes. Once I decide to get the clay out I try to make as many as I can.
I picked up these nail de-cals in Poundland a few weeks ago as I thought they would be great for lollipops and sweeties.
 These are some of what I made using Fimo and then just playing around really. I have given them quite long sticks so I can cut them to size once I decide where they will be going.
 They still need to be varnished but the de-cals look quite effective on these liquorice lollies. 
 Strawberry Sherbert lollipops.
Not too sure about the orange ones with chocolate decorations but the twirly ones came out ok. I have used white sugar craft wire for the 'sticks' in a 20 gauge but I could probably do with one slightly thinner for the smaller lollies.
I also made some lemon sherbert lollies and some purple butterfly lollies. They all need a coat of varnish now but I have called it a day and come in for my dinner, cooked for me tonight, what a treat.
Have a lovely holiday weekend however you intend to celebrate. I have a couple of outings planned so my sweet making will be on hold for a couple of days. 


  1. I can just imagine how great the sweet shop is going to look with all the colours and the wonderful creative sweets you are making. The decals look great on the black lollipops. I keep meaning to have a look for some fingernail decals and I think they would be very handy in miniatures.

  2. Hi Janice! I LOVE what you have made and the decals are Perfect for your ghoulishly Sweet Treats! :D


  3. Va a quedar precioso con tanto colorido y tan bonitos diseños de piruletas


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