Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Brief but Worthwhile Visit to the Kensington Dolls House Festival.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Kensington Dolls House Festival at the end of last month so I thought I would share some of the wonderful items I purchased. I only had an hour at the show because I had double booked myself, I am no socialite so it was sod's law that two events should occur on the same day! Fortuitously I only had to travel to the South Bank from Kensington so I was able to sneak in a cheeky shop!!
 I am planning a number of small Christmas projects for next year using the market stands I bought at the Apeldoorn show. There will be three traditional stands with one totally dedicated to all things gingerbread. I knew my time was limited to I had a map to hand with all the artisans I definitely wanted to see.
 Top of my list was the wonderful work of Linda Cummings. I was hoping to find an array of gingerbread marvels on her stand and was not disappointed.
 Linda only attends this fair once a year so I did buy quite a few pieces!!
 I am a huge admirer of Linda's work which she sells throughout the year in her Ebay shop lindac504 and she is collected by many people all round the world. If you like miniature food then do take a look at her work here
So with my gingerbread bought I headed to Jane Harrop's stand in order to buy some further Christmas goodies. 
I couldn't resist this tiny market stall kit and.....
 ......a tiny beach hut kit. I am going to make these to place alongside their 1/12th counterparts, I think they will look quirky and fun placed alongside.
 I also had to buy these Quick Kits as perfect shelf fillers and decorations for my market stands. Jane's kits are of a such high quality and come with everything you need. I love the packaging plus Jane is such a helpful and knowledgeable artisan.
 I couldn't resist this Santa teddy by Sally Reader. This artisan makes all sorts of tiny character dolls and now has a website making it even easier to purchase.
 I also stopped by the stand of The Giddy Kipper to collect my goblin couple that I reserved at the Apeldoorn show. Jain had a wonderful selection of characters as usual some of which are now for sale in her Etsy shop.
 I loved this couple as soon as I saw them and had to have them for Diagon Alley where they will be seen out shopping very soon!
 Jain's work is so detailed and always has that touch of humour and quirkiness that I can't resist. 
So I used my limited time to add a few well chosen items and then rushed off to watch Napoleon with the Philharmonia Orchestra at the South Bank Centre. I was really disappointed that I had to leave so early as the fair was buzzing this year with so much to see and a really vibrant atmosphere. It certainly seemed much more upbeat than the last couple of years with hundreds of people attending who appeared to be spending. Some stands were really busy so I hope all the sellers had a super successful show as we need all these talented people to keep on producing their wonderful pieces and providing people like me with inspiration.


  1. Think we had the same ideas at Kensington Janice. I got one of Linda's beutiful pieces and also the tiny market stall from Jane. Great minds xx

    1. I went a but crazy on Linda's stand but I knew it had to be done! Love Jane's kits really glad she has started the shows as I have been looking at her site on line for a while now.
      Will be interested to see what you do with the tiny stall!

  2. Love the little gingerbread pieces by Linda Janice, they're very festive and will look perfect on one of your little Christmas market stalls!
    Those goblins are fantastic by Jain!! I just love them! So bright and cheery! Where do you think they'll end up on the alley? You must have such a huge collection of Jains characters now! I can't wait to see the alley filed with them all :D it's going to look so magical

    Wonderful purchases as always Janice! And glad you had a great tie, even though you didn't get long there. I will be at the summer Kensington and bringing mum along with me so will hopefully see you there? :)

    1. I do have quite a collection now MIchael but Diagon Alley is meant to be crowded I think!!
      It will be lovely to meet up in the summer but is it wise to take your mum, what will happen if she gets hooked? Hopefully we will be able to take some time out and have a coffee and Alley chat?

  3. Yes, I imagine it being a really busy place too... I can't wait to see them all in and around the shops! I've have so much collecting to go before I get anyway near 'busy' haha!
    I'd love to meet up and have an alley chat! I was so overwhelmed by it all last may that I didn't get much chance to chat to anyone which is a real shame so definitely must this time!
    Oh I think she's already on her way! She's been thinking about doing a house already :0

  4. i always love to see what people bought at shows.

    You bought some great Christmas things! Quite a haul for only having an hour to shop. I am not very good a speed shopping when it comes to miniatures.

  5. Some wonderful pieces Janice. Was definitely worth you having a quick shop..x

  6. Hello Janice,
    Wow, you got some wonderful minis. I just love Linda's work. everything is wonderful and I look forward to seeing them in projects.
    Big hug,


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