Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Real Fun Begins......The Leaky Cauldron

I thought it would be a good idea to test all the LED lights I had installed what seems like an age ago and at the same time have a dress rehearsal of the interior. 
This furniture has been packed away and I really wanted to get a feel for the whole project before I began the really fun part of dressing it all.
 This is the main bar. The only main piece that is missing is the shelving unit behind the bar but other wise this is the general look. Again I will put in all the links as I dress each piece of furniture.
 The top room for is the bedroom for my sleepy Hogwarts student, she is one of Julie Campbell's wonderful creations and the whole room has evolved around her. 
 A little peak through the main doorway. The false door is wonderfully concealed by Nikki Rowe's curtain and shelf, topped with a collection of her candles and jars. I am so glad I added this piece to my collection.
 The attic is still bare but the LED lights are showing up the dim corners!
 The first piece has been dressed with a whole tableful of goodies. The pub table is by Michael Mortimer of Nine. I am sure Michael has a new website but I don't seem to be able to find it. I have always bought my pieces at Miniatura and Kensington.
 My magical pizza and pasta are by the hugely talented Peiwen of Oiseau de Nim and the toffee apples are by Hummingbird Miniatures just a perfect way for a young wizard or witch to finish their meal.
 On their table is a spooky version of noughts and crosses - fiery cauldrons and skulls - by Jacqueline Dunn. The hot chocolate was bought at a fair I think and I have topped it with a chocolate bat again from Hummingbird Miniatures.
 Harry's adventures are a must-read for all post-Voldermort witches and wizards this beautifully crafted miniature version is by Lee Ann Borgia who creates a very extensive range of books. Do visit her website there is something for everyone.
Did you also spot a not so welcome dining companion? What wizard would be without their pet rat? This little pest is by Miss Sally's World. I absolutely love her work, her cats have such texture and are a little quirky, perfect for my projects!! I will probably add some magical ketchup at a later date. I have left a little gap in the middle of the table just in case.
What fun I have had today! So good to be back.


  1. It is just perfect! I love it.

  2. Janice, everybody would have fun playing with such wonderful pieces, it is going to become a real masterpiece!

  3. You've collected fantastic miniatures in your Leaky Cauldron, Janice! I really like the place! And the lights give a very nice feeling to it.:)

  4. wow!
    Beautiful scenes!


  5. Prachtig resultaat...heel mooi

    Groeten Xandra

  6. Brilliant!!
    I want to watch the films again!
    I love the LEDs, Im going to give them a try I think.
    Thanks for a great Post

  7. Hello Janice,
    I love a dress rehearsal. The project is just ebautiful. What a wonderful set of rooms and what great tables full of goodies. It's really looking awsome.
    Big hug,

  8. You've certainly got a marvellous collection to be rooting through for this project. Each one is just perfect.

  9. Hi Janice, you're photos are amazing! But a RAT on the table???

  10. WOW, brilliant!! I love it!


  11. Just perfect, I love every last detail x

  12. Janice It's all coming together so wonderfully. I love the dressing part! x

  13. I love the idea of LED lights. The effect looks great. I'm gonna try that to my living room as well.


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