Saturday, 16 June 2012

A True Craftsman......Rob Lucas Bookcases for Flourish and Blotts

Apologies for taking so long to share with you the delivery of my bookcases this week but if I explain that the quality of photograph is not wonderful because my camera is with my youngest son in Thailand, my old camera is with my eldest son in Cornwall and my very old camera is with my daughter in Dubai you may have some understanding of what my week has been like!
All I know is I am sitting at home enjoying our wonderful 'Flaming June' weather.
I am, however, very pleased to show these photographs that I have taken with my phone.
I had asked Rob Lucas of World of My Own Miniatures to make these for me as his unfinished furniture is perfectly scaled and beautifully crafted. Despite my very careful plans I opened the box with some trepidation I must admit but I really shouldn't have worried. 
 These are the ground floor units that have slotted in perfectly....
 ......with the end bookcase climbing right up to the the first floor where it joins on beautifully.
 The top floor has two side bookcases.....
......which match up with mm precision with the very long back book case. 
I asked for the shelves to range in heights to accommodate differently sized books and I hope you can see this.
 Here is the ground floor with staircase (Grrrrr!! Still can't look at it with love!), counters and back door in situ.
 The staircase will also have a balcony railing when it is finally glued in place but I haven't given that a great deal of thought yet.
 This photo does make it all look rather grand doesn't it. I love the way the tall bookcase climbs beyond the staircase.
Now this is an awful photo but you get the idea. This unit will sit behind the counters and be full of paperwork and reserved items, overflowing and in a truly wizarding muddle of course. 
I also have a number of units which will line the interior front door panel to finish off the look completely.
I don't know if you can tell how well made these units are but I am so happy with them. I did work hard on the plans but Rob has followed my measurements to the mm. They all slotted into place like a dream.
I can now add the floorboards, I left these til last just in case my measurements were slightly off, but I am not sure whether to lay the whole floor or measure up to each bookcase. 
I think I will get a cleaner look if I lay the whole floor.
So exciting! I feel I can really push on with the project now!
Have a fun weekend everyone.


  1. Wonderful work! But I see you busy for the rest of the year with making books to fill all these shelfs :-))))))) Happy weekend! Sandra

  2. Janice I am amazed! These bookcases are incredible!! They looks so great and so well fit with how I imagine flourish and Blotts to look!

    One of my favourite pieces is the section behind the spiral staircase that sticks out with the bookshelf to either side!!

    Now shall I do one of my 'things for thought' pieces haha!,,
    I can just see a witch or wizard of some sort trying to reach over from the balcony to reach the really tall bookshelf haha

    Fabulous as ever Janice! I so wish I could have afforded something commissioned and built to fit like this for honeydukes!

  3. Wow! Love it....looks really amazing and different. I can not wait, I think that is a very great project! Have a good weekend too ^_^
    Un beso guapa

  4. Wow! Have you ever done the math of how many books you have these shelves?!
    This will be amazing!

  5. Your book cases are super. I love the one that covers both floors, such a good idea. Can't wait to see what type of finish you give them. They are going to take a lot of books to fill ;0)


  6. All I can say is 'WOW' they are stunning :)

  7. Looks amazing Janice xxxxx

  8. They are really well crafted Janice you can tell and the pictures dont look that bad. Its all going to look wonderful when you have finished.

    Debie xxx

  9. Janice, the shelving units look fabulous. Your going to be very busy, making Books to fill them all..

  10. This is a big project. You have to make so many books...
    I'm curious to see the progress.
    Bye Faby

  11. Oh My, the units look wonderful and fit so perfectly in your shop, cant wait to see them full of all your items and see the shop open for business.


  12. Wow! You'll have quite a job filling those shelves! But it does look great!

  13. Very beautiful shelves, real craftsmanship that gives a lot of possibilities. Cant wait to see them full of goodies! Natalia

  14. Wow! You're going to need an awful lot of books! It is going to so nice!

  15. Es absolutamente maravillosa, un gran trabajo.
    Esa escalera queda genial.
    besitos ascension

  16. wow, it looks great! I love the spiral staircase. Its going to take a lot of books to fill all of those wonderful shelves. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  17. Oooh it's shaping up beautifully! I love the winding iron staircase and the shelving looks beautiful!

  18. Love the bookcases! You are going to have a blast filling up all those shelves :)


  19. Wow, so fabulous and his work makes it all look so grand. Loving that staircase.

    You are gonna need a bijillion books!

  20. Oh my! These bookshelves are fabulous!! I can't wait to see how the whole store would evolve...would be spectacular!

    Pei Li

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