Tuesday, 13 March 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed..........Start Sanding!!

I decided it was time to stop sulking and get out the sander and sandpaper in order to remove the ArtMache from The Magical Menagerie.
After making a mess up on the colour there seemed to be no other option I just hoped the whole kit would not collapse under the strain!
I took the kit into the garden as I had been told by many of you sanding ArtMache is a very dusty business and gosh how right you all were.
 This is the sanded exterior and the kit seems to have stayed in one piece, I don't appear to have done too much damage and even more remarkably I haven't thrown it over the garden fence.....
I now need to wash all the dust away, check on the tiling and make another batch of ArtMache. Sooooo boring but now I have made the decision it is time to grin and bear it.
I have managed to finish two sides today and have an aching thumb for my trouble. The new layer doesn't look too awful so I am feeling hopeful that I can recover the project.
 On a much more cheerful note I thought you would love to see my new purchase for 'Flourish and Blott's'. My friend has just brought him over from Australia where he was made made by the immensely talented Kim Murdoch.
 Kim's dolls are simply amazing but are very difficult to get hold of so I have had to settle for a very small example of her work.
He is just perfect for the bookshop!
On a different note I have tried to remove the word verification option from my comment section to allow readers to leave comments more easily. The double word test drives me mad when I want to leave a comment so I hope I have managed to make it easier for anyone who would like to say hello.
Josje of A Beautiful World let me know exactly how to do it.
Thank You Josje.
Please let me know if it works!!


  1. I'm glad nothing went wrong for you when sanding! That wouldn't have been pleasant :/
    Strangely enough, I love how it looks with all the bits sandpapered off.. It looks like the walls have been burnt so much by the dragons that they're nearly collapsing :)
    Love the little witch/book man! So perfect for flourish and Blotts! Where will he be going, outside? In the window as a display piece? Or just inside the shop?

    Brilliant as ever Janice! I'm trying to work out a way of getting to Miniatura on Saturday.. I know, a little late to be trying to organise something now.. Fingers crossed though! Are you going this time?

    All the best,

  2. OMG Janice, the wizard book is Awesome!

    Sorry you are having to do all that nasty sanding, I know it will be worth it and be happier with the wall.

    Those double word comments were driving me crazy too, usually took two or three tries LOL.


  3. To disable the verification try following the instructions here: http://www.michelemademe.com/2012/02/how-to-disable-new-two-word.html

  4. You're welcome! Although I didn't actually write the 'how to', that was John from Merrimen Park. He kindly let me put his post on my blog as well.
    Good luck with the new batch of ArtMache. I hate it when I have to redo something, but in the end I'm always happy I have done it.

    And now...let's see if it worked....;-)

  5. It did!!!! Such a relief not to have to type those annoying words.

  6. Let´s look if it worked ...:-)

  7. Yes!!! Your wizard in the book is so funny, I hope you don´t mind if I try to make something similar for my witch Miranda. I wish I could have also a real size speeking cooking book, would surely make life easier!
    Hugs, Sandra

  8. The magic book is fabulous!
    Bye Faby

  9. I hate going back, too. I also tend to put off things I think will cause a lot of frustration. But, it feels good to just get it all rolling again, doesn't it? :D

  10. Janice, I quite like the effect that your sanding has left. Love the Wizard in the Book. A great addition to your shop.

  11. Janice, I knew it would be just fine!! One just has to contend with the dust for a while if one makes one almighty booboo! lol

    We can only learn from our mistakes, but we all make them and will continue to. Onwards and upwards and continually learning as we go!! :o))

    I used a combination of tea and coffee on the interior walls of Hogwarts...and well made it up too strong. I ended up having gingery walls! Not the look I was seeking. I tried to water it down (NOT recommended on a large area, but fine on a small area) but as there was sooo much of it, I had to sand the lot off like you.

    Now, if I am unsure of a look and colour. I do a small area, if it looks fine after its dried I continue.

    Never heard of that artisan, but love the colours of the book and little wizard! ;o))

    Have a great time on Saturday!
    Michelle :o))

  12. You perfectionist you! But your right to change it to get the look of the strret just right so you wont always be looking at it and seeing that colour difference! That little guy is gorgeous, as a touch of Coleens wet paint style to him too so fits well with your other pieces! Xxx

  13. Your Magical Menagerie now looks great!
    The wizard seems well-read!

    Thank you and Josje for a hint about the word test.

  14. Janice, Me gusta Mucho su tienda de magia, voy a estar pendiente de su evolución.

    Janice, I love your magic shop, I'll keep an eye on your progress.


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