Thursday, 26 January 2012

Another World.........

I thought I would post some photos that my family took while scuba diving off Koh Samui. They are so beautiful that I feel sure many of you will be inspired.....
......maybe to start a new hobby? Not me I am far too much of a scaredy cat!
 Wouldn't he be great in miniature? I can definitely see him in a magical pet shop.
 Playing hide and seek with the big people? 
 The anemones are so gorgeous. Great idea for miniature plants? 
 A very fierce looking cusomer.
 These look like they are flying in a very blue sky don't you think.
 A whole collection of anemones with a teeny fish in the centre.
 There was lots of interesting and colourful coral too. Apparently it is very sharp so you have to be careful. My better half scraped his leg accidentally and his leg became quite nastily infected leading to some heavy doses of anti-biotics.
 A goldfish for the garden pond maybe.
 I love this picture. The colours are so retro, he's a very hip fish!
What a strange one this is. Great eyes.
Lastly, how cute is this. There is something so appealing about sea-horses and not just the fact that daddy carries round all the babies!


  1. I just love the riot of! How wonderful to see for real too. Love the tiny sea horse!

    I hope hubby is okay now, I know coral is mighty sharp, very pretty but sharp!

    Michelle xx

  2. Hi Michelle, so beautiful but nothing could tempt me to try out the diving. I am much to much of a control freak. I just don't fancy the idea of not being able to breath.....

  3. Oh and his leg is fine thanks. Anti-biotics the size of horse pills did the trick.

  4. Fantastic photos, Janice! The National Geographic will get jealous!

  5. Cudo! Uwielbiam akwarystykę. Akwaria morskie są bajeczne. Pozdrawiam!
    Wonder! I love the aquarium. Marine aquariums are fabulous. Yours!

  6. God is an awesome creator!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  7. Fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing them!

  8. So beautiful, it makes me dream.

  9. Great looking photos! I love the colors of the fish!

  10. Isn't nature so amazing. If it weren't for photos like these you wouldn't believe some of these things existed. They look like something from a fantasy book.

  11. Stunning pictures Janice. I absolutely Love Sea Horses. Thanks for sharing the pictures..

  12. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING photos, Janice. Please let the photographer know how much we love them . Such a shame that Samui is so near and yet I have never found the time to dive there. They have been saying how the corals are being destroyed by tourism but I am heartened after seeing the pictures.


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