Sunday, 4 December 2011

I Went, I Saw, I Shopped!!

I had an absolutely fabulous day out yesterday at the Kensington Dolls House Festival in London. This is their one day Christmas show to compliment the 3 day show in May. 
The exhibitors come from all over the world with a huge variety of miniatures. So much talent on show.
The day started really well as I met up with the extremely talented Nikki Rowe of Witch and Wizard Miniatures. Nikki had my parcel of minis with her including some really tiny, cute acorn fairy baskets.
We had a good chat in the queue about all things mini and it was so interesting to talk to someone so talented about their work.
We split up inside as Nikki had lots of exhibitor friends to see but arranged to meet for lunch after some shopping!
I have to hold my hand up and say I did a lot of shopping at this fair. Having not really done very much since breaking my wrist and having not been to the autumn Miniatura, I feel slightly less guilty. Hey someone has to keep the economy going!
Here are a couple of my favourite things. I have not quite dared to unpack everything while the husband is home!
These lidded barrels are destined for the Apothecary. They are beautifully made in rustic oak with proper steel rings around them just like real barrels.
 They are made by S and S Eismont whose work is really well scaled and crafted. I always buy something from them as they have a very good range of small wooden items as well as furniture.
I also bought three tiny wooden scoops for each barrel.
 My first port of call was to the stand of Annie Willis of Fine Design. Annie does not have a web shop so her work is only available at Kensington and Miniatura I think. This means her stand is very popular and you need to be there early as she has lots of fans.
 I went to see her intending on buying another of her fabulous owls but when I saw this hawk I had to have him.  He is quite stunning and I am sure any pure-blood wizarding family would love to have him. So he will have a place in my Magical Menagerie.
 Next I went to see Linda Cummings of Lins Minis. Her food pieces are highly sought after in her Ebay shop and I have never been lucky to win any of her stunning pieces. Lin only shows once a year at Kensington so a visit to her stand was a must.
 I was not disappointed. Her stand was full of the most gorgeous cakes, cheeses, meats and platters. With my glasses firmly attached I spent a long time looking at everything, so much choice!
Then I spied this wonderful piece which had my name written all over it, how could I resist this marvellous teapot and cupcakes? 
 Lin was so friendly and helpful too. Packing my items, yes I did mean items, with great care.
 I did buy another piece but that is still to be unpacked.
 I am sure one of my shop keepers needs a little tray of pumpkin tea to keep them going or it might find its way into my witch house drawing room.
The show seemed absolutely packed to me this year. Last year attendance suffered badly due to all that early snow we had. I am sure the exhibitors were much happier this year with so many potential shoppers coming through the door but it was much too busy for me.
Plus it was sooooo hot in the halls which made it seem even more crowded. After a couple of hours I was wilting badly!
Nikki and I headed off for a reviving latte and sandwich in the fresh air which rejuvenated me enough to head back into the crowd for another hour or so. 
I did have a marvellous time and will show a few more pieces tomorrow. As it was so busy, I couldn't get photos of individual stands unfortunately, there did not seem to be any quiet moments even later in the day. 
Hopefully the crowds have meant good business for all the exhibitors!


  1. Wonderful purchases! Thanks for sharing your great visit at the festival.

  2. Lovely pieces Janice. Love the Hawk, Annie does have an email address where you can contact her for prices and commissions. I have it if you need it.
    Those barrels are fabulous, as is Lin's Teapot & Cupcakes.
    Glad to hear you had a lovely day, I know Nikki thoroughly enjoyed herself..

  3. Thanks Debbie, I have a catalogue of Annie's with all her ordering details just in case I never get to another show!

  4. Oooh have been waiting for your pot!! Did you buy dolls...did you ...did you ????!!!! I SO wanted to go, had planned to go with Lola and Emily but didnt have enough money sadly, and knew both Jain and Julie would have dolls id maybe I left them for you to buy???lol Dont leave it too long, put the footy on for hubby and take pics!!! xxxx

  5. Those barrels are wonderful, but that hawk is such a treasure! He has such personality!

  6. Thank you for the report about the fair ! Your purchases are lovely,love the hawk of Annie and normally the tea set of Linda.Also the barrels are fantastic,didn't know this link before.So thanks for sharing it;-)! Jeannette x

  7. Feeling a little green looking at your lovely items I love the little Acorn baskets. I have been collecting acorn caps on the dogs walks so I will try making baskets with them. The barrels are stunning too they will look great in your apothecary shop.

  8. Hi Browny, I too have a little acorn collection to keep me going for the rest of the year!

  9. Hi Jeanette, these are lovely husband and wife artisans and their work is superb. I have a couple of their leather flagons all hand stitched that I love.

  10. Hi Brea, he is gorgeous and you are right he looks very superior and full of character!

  11. Hi Kate,
    I don't want to talk about the dolls.....I might have to show them and then leave the country!!
    If the light is good I will take lots of photos tomorrow. Suffice to say I was a very naughty girl!

  12. What a great purchase, Janice! A beautiful collection of precious items. ;)

  13. So glad that you had a great day and met up with so many peeps! I love the hawk and barrels the best!!

    Look forward to seeing the rest. :o)

    Amazing how shopping can be soo tiring! lol ;o))

    Michelle xx

  14. You bought wonderful items. But the hawk is absolut fantastic.
    Hugs from Craftland

  15. lovely to see you yesterday Janice :0) Lin and annie are both really lovely and incredibly talented ladies, love your purchases. I havent seen the makers of the barrels before ( dont get to leave my table much LOL ) but will look out for them next show, they are fab barrels !
    julie x

  16. compras fantásticas, todas tenian tu nombre escrito, está claro....

  17. Oh, I so much wanted to go too. I did manage York the week before (did a small blog entry for it) but London was a step too far. Thank you so much for showing some of what you saw this Saturday. I enjoyed it very much indeed.


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