Monday, 16 August 2010

So How Did We All Do?..........

Like many of us I sat by my computer waiting to see how lucky I would be when Nikki's
new batch of wonderful miniatures appeared on Etsy last week. I had looked longingly at the toadstools and the cute pots and the unicorn horns and......and......and.......
As usual items disappeared sooo quickly, my slow old laptop could not keep up as I shouted 'Buy! Buy! Buy!' No stock market floor could be more frantic!
Well my goodies arrived safe and beautifully packaged as usual and made a grey looking day feel much more full of promise! Nikki with her usual generosity also added some very appropriate extras to go with my current projects and the 'Big One' looming. So thoughtful of you Nikki, many thanks.
Here are the potion bottles and unicorn horns I managed to buy. The clear jars have the most delicate specimens inside - wings and a butterfly. Fab! Love the new material Nikki is using to top her jars, all perfectly frayed as usual.
This table I bought a little while ago but I thought I would put it in with this post. I think this will go in my 'Roots and Shoots' shop in Diagon Alley.
More views with the glow in the dark broom, which has the most luxurious brush, some toadstools and extra bottles. The toadstools are definitely destined for Witch E.T.Grubb's window boxes.
These are the really useful pieces Nikki put in my package to help me a long with my shops. She knew I had been looking for scissors, they had sold out at KDF, and now I have a pair for my Toy Maker and my Hat Department. Plus I have some really professional looking potion labels for my Apothecary Shop and a colander to go with my cauldrons in the Cauldron Shoppe......Hmmm I feel a very busy winter coming on!


  1. Everything looks perfect:) I envy your "Nikki Collection"!!

  2. Wow! Successful shopping!! Nikki's minis are so more-ish, aren't they? And you sure do need sharp elbows and a trigger finger response when her shop 'opens', don't you!!
    I watched from the sidelines this time, and still couldn't keep up!

  3. Magnificas compras. Enhorabuena.
    Besitos, May

  4. Her work is I love it all x

  5. Oh a lot of great great Nikki's miniatures!! I see some things I wanted you hunted down ;D Good laptop you have after all:D

  6. ¡Que suerte! Ahora hay que buscarle un lugar a cada una de esas preciosidades. Besos Clara.

  7. Lucky you, my laptop just refused to play ball at all that night, I got nothing :( Loved so much of Nikkis new work, all of these will look wonderful in your projects Janice, Kate xxx

  8. I love the potion bottles and the new lids are fab! I managed to get what I wanted too. :o) Lots of new fab mini's Janice.

    For some reason I thought the toadstools were bought by Kate W!:o))

    I love Nikki's potting tables, alas they are too small for Hogwarts greenhouse/conservatory. Though I do own one of her Mandrake witchy hat maker is having that in her greenhouse. :o))

    I hope the grey painting is coming along okay! I know and understand the dilemma!

    Michelle xx

  9. Que preciosa coleccion!!!
    Me encantan os trabajos de Nikki.
    besitos ascension

  10. Lucky you! Alas, I was to late. Have fun with everything!

  11. Hi ladies, I am so lucky not only on managing to collect Nikki's pieces but for having a patient and generous husband!

    He rarely ever moans about the Visa bill good lad and hasn't yet discovered the two kits I have hidden under my youngest's bed!!

    It used to be shoes that I would hide, how times have changed. Now when a new house appears I say: ' New? No...I have had it ages, you just haven't noticed. Got it in a sale, soooo cheap you would not believe'.


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