Saturday 19 March 2016

Gamages Doll Shop.....All Things Tiny and Dolly.

The window is still a work in progress so as I acquire more dolls this will probably change. At the moment it has a selection of dolls by a very talented Spanish artisan,  VICTORIA HEREDIA GUERBOS, who I have seen at the Kensington Dolls House Festival. Unfortunately she does not have a website but attends lots of shows worldwide and always has an amazing display of dolls in a variety of sizes.
The tiny dolls house is by Veronique Lux.
 I have started dressing the large back cabinet despite being more than a little annoyed at myself for not matching the paper design on the back board. I am hoping that when I finish the whole unit this bad seam will not be so visible. 
The tiny ballerina dolls, top left, are from Sally Reader Miniatures, and a whole range of teeny dolls are available on their website.
Underneath these are three pieces by Deb Jackson and I am seriously tempted by a number of gorgeous pieces she currently has on her Etsy site but I really mustn't!!
The tiny chairs are all Jane Harrop kits in 1/24th scale I think although she also does quite a few kits in 1/48th scale as well.
The three gorgeous dolls are by Tower House Dolls who are based in the UK. They have a whole range of dolls including some that are ready to dress. They also produce specials every so often and I was recently able to purchase the matching set with the toy pram and baby.
You can also see another tiny house by Veronique Lux.
Still quite a few gaps to fill!
 At the moment I have grouped all my printie dolls together just to fill a shelf but I do quite like them en masse.
I have also grouped dolls by the same makers together mainly because I am a bit anal about order but I will play around with the displays as I fill the shop. The three dollies at the front of the shelf are by Joy Cox and are very poseable, amazingly so for such tiny pieces. I love this little family and have added quite a few of Joy's 1/48th pieces to my collection lately. I may use them in Gamages or save them for other projects.
The three very French dolls are by Ananda Miniaturas who have a lovely shop on Etsy. These dolls are so sweet and beautifully dressed. They seem a bit tucked away here so I will have to find them a better place to perch.
 Two very lonely little dollies on these shelves by Ananda Miniaturas and Victoria. The tiny doll by Victoria is the smallest in her range and comes in a presentation box with minuscule accessories. 
The tiny doll by Victoria is the smallest in her range and comes in a presentation box with minuscule accessories.
I have had a go at dressing the tiny beds, all by Jane Harrop. They won't win any prizes but they will pass anything but a very close scrutiny. I haven't been very adventurous because I didn't have any materials in my stash that were very suitable for this smaller scale and making the pillows was a gluing nightmare! Hats off to anyone who works in this scale!
 This shows the wood work I have added to the front opening panel. I love Sid Cooke kits but you don't get any interior mouldings with them unlike the Dolls House Emporium kits so you have to make these up yourself. Plus the door hinges are always awful but they will have to do. 
I have a few extras that I would like to add: some bunting for the top of this window, it is quite a tall window and I am debating whether or not to add an extra shelf or maybe a plinth for the dolls at the back? Hmmm, not sure yet.
A very helpful lady on FB also mentioned a baby bath which is a great idea as I used to love bathing my dollies when I was a child.
Plus I think this display definitely needs a tea set or two and I think smaller scale sets will work.

Quite a few items still on the shopping list for my marathon of shows this Summer. I am so lucky as I will be going to the Chicago shows in April followed by the London show in May and to finish off the 1zu12 show in Rheda the first weekend in June. 
What a great way to see the world!!

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