Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Honeydukes Welcomes Its First Customers..............

Little bit of a delay in throwing open the doors as real scale life got in the way yesterday but as you can see three little witches by Silke Janas-Schlosser have had lots of fun.
 Inside the shop floor is looking pretty busy too.
 There is even a 'hostess with the mostest' displaying a tray of goodies. This candy witch is by Jain Squires and the Malfoy Family Hogwarts 1st year is by Julie Campbell.
 The counter looks pretty crowded and one little wizard definitely has his hands full.
 I am lucky enough to have a lot of mini dolls so I have been able to fill the shop up quite nicely. One of the good things about Harry Potter inspired scenes is that you don't have to worry about time periods or what clothes your characters should wear as the costumes are so varied.
 These dolls are b Jo Medvenic, Debie Lyons and Jain Squires.
These two 1950's boys and little witch are by Julie Campbell. The little girls are by Jo Medvenics.
So the shop is sort of full. As time goes by I will probably fill the shop with more 1940/1950's dolls to give the shop more of a retro feel but this will be achieved over many years. For now the whole project has come to an end and I can at last move on.
What's next? Here's a clue.
I am off to the Rugby World Cup tomorrow at the Olympic Stadium which should be fun , so no minis for me for a couple of days which is a little annoying as I am keen to get going. 
I am hoping this one won't take quite so long!!


  1. Cuanto publico ha tenido la tienda en su inauguración!!! Es normal,ya lo esperaba,es una tienda repleta de maravillas mágicas.Las tres pequeñas brujas,especialmente,me han encantado!!

  2. Hello Janice,
    The opening looks like a great success. How terrific the shop looks filled with clients. It was a little sad that you finished the project, but now I am really excited to see the next one.
    Big hug,

  3. I love the shop even more with your fantastic dolls.

  4. Es alucinante!!! Esos personajes quedan genial en la escena

  5. What a bustling shop! All your dolls are very beautiful and really enhance the scene. The Alice dolls are beyond stunning. I can't wait to see the progress of this roombox.

  6. The shop is absolutely amazing! I love all the bright colors!

  7. It really adds to the charcter of the shop having figures in there. There's so many little stories going on and so much detail to appreciate. Glad this isn't a real shop - I would have to visit and would soon by 30 stone ;0P

  8. Congratulations! The shop looks amazing Janice! I love the colors. They are bright and happy. The floor is gorgeous. And all the details in there! It's a winner for sure. Your next project is going to be amazing too. I can already tell.


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