Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Honeydukes Numbers 3 and 7.....Not Quite Ticked.

I have been working on the Honeydukes shop counter filling it with lots of magical sweets both with a direct Harry Potter connection and some just for fun!
 The two top shelves are loaded with simple metal trays that I bought at Miniatura a few years ago. I have simply painted them, added sweets and a couple of spoons.
 Much the same with the bottom shelves except they have a sweet tin in the middle.
 Since taking this photo I have topped the tins with a Honeydukes logo as a finishing touch. Not that these will ever be seen!
 These trays include pumpkins by the lovely Lory and chocolate mushrooms and toadstools by Betty's Minis
 I have also been playing with the computer and printer of labelling and those finishing touches
 Each tray now has its wares clearly labelled.
 The counter looks fully loaded with goodies but I have still not decided about items for the top.
 The labelling has added the extra touch I think, especially as I made the decision not to label any of the jars.
I have also been working on the packaging for the two side shelf units that I want to be full of Harry Potter merchandise. The opening of Harry Potter World has certainly been a definite boon as it is possible to find lots of images on Google of all different types of HP products perfect for my projects.
 I struggle with card and paper work, getting myself covered in drying glue and mis-measurements. So as I have a lot of boxes to make I decided to cheat. I am going to cut sizes of balsa wood and cover them with different colours of cardstock papers. 
 These are the first ones off the conveyor belt and I am pleased with the overall look. I will probably have a little bowl with samples on the shelf too.
So far I have made three different types and tried to vary the sizes. I have glazed them in gel medium gloss both to protect and add a bit of shine. I will make quite a few I think as I can then use them either on the counter or have a few piles hanging around the shop floor.
Like all mini jobs these have turned out to be quite time consuming but have generated less cursing than my usual attempts at box making!


  1. Hello Janice,
    Here it is 6:53am...I am sitting at my desk at work...and all I want to do is run out and buy candy! Everything looks so delicious and real it is making my mouth water. You really are incredibly talented. The labels are a great touch and the displays are perfect. Well done.
    Big hug,

  2. I love the colours nad they are perfect with the counter.

  3. This is such perfection! I am just itching to see the shop all put together. It's such a gorgeous space!

  4. Wow, you've certainly been busy. I love all your progress and impressed with you taking the time to fiddle with resizing, printing and labelling. I start tasks like that with good intentions then get fed up!


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