Monday, 3 December 2012

My Ornamental Dolls House Flowers.....

After getting soaked yet again this morning walking the dog, I came home and settled down to a lovely day playing with my new project.
 This house is a decorative item for my new very grown up front room. Having painted it with the same ivory colour both inside and out I decided to have a feature wall....
 .....on one of the external outside walls......
 ......and one interior wall. The wallpaper is by Laura Ashley and matches that of the real life room. Of course it is wildly out of scale but somehow that doesn't seem to matter. In fact this giant hydrangea looks like the de-cals that seem very fashionable at the moment.
 I have also used up some left over self sticking wooden flooring for the top bedroom. I only had enough for the one room which was a bit disappointing as I usually like to match the flooring but this is supposed to be a quick project using up bits and pieces from my stash.
 I have bought these slate tiles for the roof of the house as they seemed a very reasonable price and the grey matched perfectly with the colour scheme. Although they are not textured they have quite a simple clean look which suits the project.
 I have finished the overhang and one complete side of the roof but of course I am about 150 tiles short of finishing off the whole roof. Entirely my fault as I forgot the over hang when I calculated how many boxes I would need! So tonight I have ordered the extra tiles, the ridge tiles and some leading for the edging. There is no such thing as a simple project!!
 I have not purchased tiles from Romney Miniatures before but they do have this very handy moulded ridge/lip which means you can place them on top of each very easily and not worry about spacing or slippage.
These tiles are made out of a resin mix I think which did mean that they required a quick rub down before use to smooth them off which was a little time consuming. I also found them quite difficult to cut. My tools are a little basic though, as you can see, and scoring and breaking mini tiles or bricks is always a challenge. Quite often I use the sanding block and sand them to size to avoid having to cut them.
It is all moving on nicely, I have a couple of days left before I have to start getting ready for Christmas, the much awaited return of my children and ( may all the gods help me! ) move my elderly parents from one bungalow to another. If the move happens without my having a complete melt down it really will be a Christmas miracle!!


  1. Janice♥ ¡Que proyecto más hermoso!! ¡me encanta!!!!! ÖÖÖ¨
    Un abrazo

  2. Janice your little house looks delightful and should be a beautiful decorative addition to your room. Love the wallpaper. Hope everything runs smoothly so you can have a rest at Christmas!

  3. We have huge blocks of apartment or buildings with paintings of this proportion on the walls. Your wallpaper is not out of scale where I am concerned :).

  4. The flower on the wall inside and outside is very original.
    Bye Faby

  5. I really like the over-sized floral print on the exterior. Looks great!

  6. What a great idea to decorate the mini to match your decor - I love it!

    Good luck moving your parents!

  7. I LOVE the big flower!! It is a feature wall:)
    And god bless those sticky floor tiles- I use them all the time.


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