Thursday, 3 May 2012

Magical Menagerie Interior Preparation.....

I am planning to have lots of wall cages in the Menagerie and inspired by the work of Peter Clark I am going to try and build them using crates. 
 I have been playing with various layouts and am not quite sure how I will stack them yet. I need to put in a false door on the back wall but the 19 crates still don't look enough while the side wall looks very bare with the smaller pile.
 I will stain them and then fill them with all sorts of magical animals.......eventually! I am intending to use netting and cocktail sticks as ways to make the animal crates safe for customers. Lots of cats of course but I want it to look very chaotic plus all the pet supplies needed to look after you magical pet!
I am hoping to get a few ideas from my studio tour, if the Menagerie is on show.
 I also added to my cage collection when I visited Miniatura this Spring. This is a lobster cage made by C & D Crafts but it looked so unusual I knew it could find a home in the Menagerie. Do have a look at their website, they make lots of marvellous pieces including a pet carrier that I have shown in a previous blog. They even have an eco-friendly cane coffin!
I started tiling the roof of Flourish and Blotts today and have completed the two small sides. Lots more to apply but with the weather as awful as it is at the moment I am wiling away the time.
Have a dry weekend everyone.


  1. What a great idea Janice!
    The creates look wonderful and will certainly allow the shop to look busy!
    I quite like that's there only a few on the side wall...
    You've no doubt got it all planned but thought I'd give a suggestion anyway lol; where these space one the side wall without many crates could you even have some brackets coming out from the wall/ hanging from the ceilings with owl cages hung up to give it more of a cramped feel maybe? Anyway, just a thought :)

    Love the cage too :D

  2. What a brilliant idea! I believe it will be amazing! Good luck on your project.

  3. Es un gran proyecto, seguro que te quedara fantastico.
    besitos ascension

  4. The cage is fabulous!
    Bye Faby

  5. Clever idea Janice, using the crates for Cages. They are the perfect size. I Love C & D's Basket wear, I used to use it a lot, when I was making.

  6. What a splendid idea to have crates as wall cages. Do you know, I've seen Peter Clarke's stand, in magazines and on his website but I've never noticed the crates - not a good sign for someone who is supposed to be paying attention to detail!

  7. I'm not familiar with Peter's work, but I love the crate idea. I'd definitely add a lot more. Maybe you can stack some of the crates on top of some rustic cages? You can also buy 1/12th metal dog cages (the type you'd have in the back of a car or see in a vets), these could house larger 'pets'! ;o)

    Try and keep dry or do what I did, go and buy a pink 100% waterproof poncho! You're not gonna miss me in a hurry. lol

    Michelle xxx

  8. The stacked crates look cool, thismis going to be a tricky one to fill eh?! But fun! Xx


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