Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dragon Study Furniture and a Trip to Miniatura.....

I was recently lucky enough to have a whole day to myself to visit the bi-annual Miniatura show in Birmingham.
Top of my list was to find some furniture pieces for my Dragon Study which is going in the top floor room of The Magical Menagerie.
I had already purchased a Treasure Cabinet by JBM Miniatures in 12th scale from Ebay quite a while ago. So I have been looking for items to compliment it. 
 From looking on the Internet I had discovered a desk by Jaiyi and knew they had a UK supplier with a stand at the show. 
This is what I ended up purchasing.
 It is not too big which was good as the room isn't huge and has a fireplace still to go in and probably an armchair. I liked all the moulding which can be seen on the front and back.
I couldn't resist the two matching show/book cases which go perfectly either side of the window.
I will fill these with lots of dragon specimens, books and skulls.
 The matching chair looks a little stiff and new at the moment but i intend to mess it about a little. I might even have a go at wearing through the leather......after all those pesky dragons have sharp teeth!!
 To prove my point here is one of Nicky's little devils already making himself at home with a pile of scrolls.
 The extremely talented and ever-so quirky Debie Lyons of Piskies and Poppets was exhibiting at Miniatura for the first time and it was lovely to meet her and see all her marvellous new pieces.
This wonderful troll's foot had my name written all over it!!
It is fabulously grotesque and will be filled with wizard staffs and canes I think. Or maybe a weird plant pot??!!
 Debie also makes dolls and characters and this little lad had 'cheeky Weasley' off-spring shining from his mischievous face! I just adored his smile.
He looks just perfect in The Alley, all he needs is a parcel of books and an ice-cream from Fortesque's. 
Of course no trip can be without a trip to Sarah Hendry of Pocket People. This is my latest cat. He looks just like the one who lives in my real house so I just had to bring him home from Birmingham.
Now I have to save my pennies for Kensington in May where I hope to visit the stands of two very talented bloggers.....
Nell Corkin of Miniature Miniatures whose work in 144th scale I can't wait to see
Carol of True2Scale who makes the most interesting kits, two of which I have in my "To Do" tray!!