Monday, 18 February 2013

Last Visit to The Leaky Cauldron Bar.....

Definitely the last photographs of The Leaky Cauldron Bar!! The inner opening door panels of dolls houses are quite often neglected but I always like to make this area another focal point. Sometimes this means adding shelves or paintings, The Leaky Cauldron obviously had to have both.
 The pictures are simply printies from the internet that I have framed using a variety of very inexpensive frames. 
 As you can see I ran out of frames and still need to add a few to the right hand sign. This project seems to eat up my stash at an alarming rate, no matter how many items I buy I always seem to run out!! 
 This is the back of the main door. Here I have glued a few posters of witchy event adverts that I thought The Leaky's customers might be interested in. Again these are printies from the internet.
 These are the wine boxes I have stuck to the far wall above the coven's party. The punch bowl is by Glasscraft and I have filled it with a bubbly pumpkin punch. Two of the crates are filled with generic wine bottles from Ebay sold in packs of six. The other bottles are from Glasscraft, Ray Storey and Etsy that I have filled and labelled. 
The upper room front shelf has a pile of vintage Daily Prophets, a wonderful domed butterfly display by Erika VanHorn, a marvellous mandrake that I have had stashed away for so long I have forgotten who I purchased it please!! There is a marvellous group of bottles by Kiva Ford and NickyCC alongside two glasses of Elven Elixir ready for guests in their room.  
 The over shelf displays a few filled bottles, one of Julie Lawton's marvellous owls and a stack of books by Lauren Delaney
 The bar shelf has a group of corked flasks, a filled decanter, a group of candles by Jenny Kelm and a little row of books I have made from internet printies and balsa.
 The bay window was a great place to display the beautiful plant I made from a kit by Pascale Garnier, very tricky but well worth the effort, with more filled decanters and bottles. The stained decanters are filled with glass paint as the necks were too narrow for scenic or solid water. This use of the glass paints was unexpectedly successful as with a bit of swishing the glass stained erratically making the drinks look old and vintage.
I want to finish this final visit to the bar with this lovely little scene of Julie Campbell's two Hogwarts students having a very merry lunch. I hope you have enjoyed looking through the scene as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.


  1. Janice! You finished it all perfectly! All the painting and pictures that line the wall give it that brilliant cramped, wacky feel of Harry potter...
    All the filled jars on the shelf look brilliant!
    Is the mandrake by nikki? It looks like the sort of ones she used to do?
    I love all the other extras such as the butterfly display by Ericka and the flowers you've made that look fantastic.. They really bring character and a life to the scene.. A trait I must instill in my shops eventually I think... Adding all those extra little details really bring everything to life!
    The two witches by Julie having their witch pizza, spaghetti and hot chocolates at the front are fantastic at fit the scene perfectly!

    You never fail to amaze me Janice with how you're able to dress everything so perfectly! Cannot wait to see what you do to dress all the furniture upstairs..

    Oh dear... I've written an essay once again.. Sorry ;/
    Michael x

    1. Hi Michael, cramped and wacky is definitely what I am after, these scenes need to be full to bursting to work properly I think but goodness they eat up resources!! Sometimes I feel a little guilty when a real treasure is mixed in with lots of other bits and pieces but that is the very nature of wizardly living.

      I have been collecting for about three years now just for Diagon Alley and I still run out of the basics.

      Thank for all your lovely comments Michael I really appreciate them.

  2. Janice, that looks like one of Nikki's Mandrakes, is it peeking out of a bucket?
    Love the Leaky Cauldron, what's next?

  3. I love the detail and layering in this work, Janice. It's brilliant! Nina

  4. Amazing collection, great feel to your enchanting bar.
    Love it;)

  5. Hermosa la escena con todos los detalles!!

  6. I like your Leaky Cauldron so much! There is so much to see. Fantastic!!!

    I think, the mandrake was made by Nikki Rowe.


  7. You know which detail I love the most?

    That spider web on the door... brilliant!
    The hodge podge wall of paintings looks amazing. :)

  8. Its looking so wonderful! I love all the bottles and now the framed prints on the wall, one of my fav things to do is to watch the movie and look at the background set, so many tiny details. And now you have created that yourself, well done.


  9. Hi Janice! Honestly, I am drooling over your pictures, so much fun to see all those bits and pieces. You´ve such a beautiful collection of miniatures and you´ve found the perfect display for them. A wonderful I want to see more!!!
    Hugs, Sandra

  10. You must be proud of your work with this project. It looks great and there's just so much to see. I like decorating the "fourth wall" as well and the stained glass is good too.

    Julie's dolls look perfectly at home.

  11. Un resultado magnífico,lleno de detalles para admirar,has hecho un gran trabajo,enhorabuena!!!!

  12. Janice, there are so many things to look at that one would pass the whole day doing it, you did a wonderful job, the final result looks so real!

  13. Janice, it hadn't occurred to me to put things on the fourth wall! Thank you for showing us, it looks wonderful! I think my favourite is the windowsill -)


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