Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lucky Me! Thank You NickyCC, Dragon Queen!!!

I was recently the very surprised and extremely delighted winner of Nicky's Facebook prize draw.
My fabulous dragon has flown in and will find  a place in the dragon room of my yet to be built Magical Menagerie.
 He is beautifully crafted and shimmers in the light as all dragons should!
Thank you Nicky he is adorable.
 I was also able to snap up this little duo from Nicky's latest collection of mini dragons and gemlins. Usually I see them too late as they sell out very quickly.
A tiny, sleepy baby and a mischievous, teeny gremlin both ideal for my projects. 
Nicky's shop is closed for a couple of days but do go and have a look at the variety of pieces she creates on her gallery pages. Lots of interesting items for all us fantasy and castle collectors. 


  1. Lucky you!!! He's wonderful and your other purchases too!!

  2. Beautiful! I love Nicky's dragons.


  3. Hiya they are lovely, the dragon you won is fantastic, i am a fan of Nickys amazing work too. Well done to you xx

  4. How lucky to have these fantastic minis born by Nicky's hands.

  5. Congratulations! She does fabulous work. :)


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